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NitroIQ provides Agile Teams with insights and recommendations that help them improve team performance, velocity, and work quality.

NitroIQ is easy to install as an Atlassian JIRA plugin and removes the need for additional application installations and integration. Because it all sits inside of JIRA, it also means none of your data leaves Atlassian JIRA.


  • Team-wide and individual performance scorecards for JIRA members.
  • Actionable insights on metrics that matter, like:
    • Issue Churn
    • Backlog Issue Age
    • Innovation Rate
    • Time in Status
    • Issue movement through board columns
    • Sprint Burndown and Velocity
    • Individual Assignee Velocity and Burndown
    • Daily Activity
    • Issue Edits and Changes occurring Mid-Sprint
    • etc...
  • Outlier highlighting in tables, to help you pinpoint specific issues or Sprints with problems.
  • Backlog age distribution analysis and scoring of individual issues using advanced machine learning.
  • Your data stays safe and secure inside of JIRA and is processed within your browser!

Getting Started

To get started, visit the Atlassian marketplace to install NitroIQ:

NitroIQ Marketplace Page >