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· 3 min read
Roy Russo

What is NitroIQ?

NitroIQ is a JIRA plugin (only available by invite-only currently) that helps Agile teams improve performance through insights, scorecards, and metrics powered by machine learning.

It's purpose is two-fold:

  1. Answer basic questions that engineering leaders and teams need to know about their performance sprint-over-sprint.
  2. Using machine learning and decades of combined experience, recommend ways to improve processes.

NitroIQ is in Private Beta

We've had NitroIQ installed with friendly software organizations for a few months now, and the feedback has helped a lot in mapping out our next steps.

Being in private beta has fed the team important information, we would not have otherwise had, such as:

  • Product-Market fit. Is this useful?
  • Price sensitivity. What is this worth to you?
  • Roadmap feedback. What would you like to see in the next version?

Additionally, every shop seems to configure JIRA differently, so building a tool that seemlessly plugs into an existing configuration and does not require changes in JIRA was nice to have pulled off.